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Instructions to add your Valhalla Game Server into your 'Favorites' tab on Steam


  • Locate your query port provided by Valhalla Game Servers:

This is located in the Game Center Portal or in the email from your original order:


  • The query port number is located underneath the Port number in the email


Example: IP:

Port: xxxxx

Query Port: xxxxx


  • Launch the steam application on your PC or Mac
  • Go to the Menu called: View
  • Under view will be: Servers; select this
  • A new window called servers will pop up, go to the 2nd tab called favorites
  • On the bottom right corner of the Favorites tab click the Add a server button
  • A new window called Add Server - Servers will come up
  • Within the new box under “Enter the IP address of the server you wish to add”  type: and then your server port number.

**FYI, it is crucial that you use the colon after**


Example: Port Number


  • On the bottom right; Click: ADD SELECTED GAME SERVER TO FAVORITES


You are done!! Congratulations you have just added your Valhalla Game Server to your Steam Server list. Now anytime that you wish to connect to your Valhalla Game Server all you need to do is go to View> and then Servers and then the favorites tab.

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